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Latest Products
  • Goldstar men Slipper

    Rs.840.00 Rs.730.00
    Save Rs.110.00

  • Goldstar VIDA men Slipper (AZ-1005)

    Rs.690.00 Rs.600.00
    Save Rs.90.00

  • Shoestar Shoes for men (4426-1)

    Rs.1,225.00 Rs.1,065.00
    Save Rs.160.00

  • Baltra Deep Freezer 120 Ltr

    Rs.27,975.00 Rs.25,735.00
    Save Rs.2240.00

  • Samsung Galaxy M40 6 GB RAM AND 128 GB ROM

    Rs.36,190.00 Rs.29,990.00
    Save Rs.6200.00

  • Samsung AKG Earphones

    Rs.500.00 Rs.250.00
    Save Rs.250.00

  • Charge 2+ Bluetooth Speaker

    Rs.1,600.00 Rs.999.00
    Save Rs.601.00

  • Goenka Ceiling Fan GE-48"

    Rs.2,301.00 Rs.1,850.00
    Save Rs.451.00

  • CG IS6051 2200W Steam Iron

    Rs.1,640.00 Rs.1,476.00
    Save Rs.164.00

  • CG Rice Cooker Normal RC18N4- 1.8ltr

    Rs.2,180.00 Rs.1,962.00
    Save Rs.218.00

  • CG Refrigerator CGS180BR/SG | 170 Ltr

    Rs.22,990.00 Rs.20,691.00
    Save Rs.2299.00

  • Baltra Coffee Pot 500 ml

    Rs.1,169.00 Rs.1,030.00
    Save Rs.139.00

  • Baltra Taper Pan 22 cm

    Rs.1,222.00 Rs.1,075.00
    Save Rs.147.00

  • Baltra Mixer Grinder Cozy3 - 500 Watt BMG 130

    Rs.3,570.00 Rs.3,141.00
    Save Rs.429.00

  • Baltra Water Purifier Pure

    Rs.2,311.00 Rs.2,033.00
    Save Rs.278.00

  • Professional Trolley Speaker CG-TS12A01

    Rs.13,490.00 Rs.12,141.00
    Save Rs.1349.00

Featured products

  • CG 24D1004 24" TV

    Rs.19,790.00 Rs.17,811.00
    Save Rs.1979.00


    Rs.37,690.00 Rs.33,921.00
    Save Rs.3769.00

  • Samsung UA32M4000 LED TVS 32"

    Rs.41,990.00 Rs.28,890.00
    Save Rs.13100.00

  • Samsung UA24H4003 24" LED TV

    Rs.24,490.00 Rs.19,500.00
    Save Rs.4990.00

  • Samsung RR19M20A2RH 192L Single Door Refrigerator

    Rs.26,790.00 Rs.21,800.00
    Save Rs.4990.00

  • Milano Black Casual Slip On Shoes For Men - 1617-02

    Rs.750.00 Rs.675.00
    Save Rs.75.00

  • Baltra Torque 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-210

    Rs.6,747.00 Rs.5,937.00
    Save Rs.810.00

  • Baltra BF-119 Cute Wall Fan

    Rs.2,725.00 Rs.2,398.00
    Save Rs.327.00

  • Baltra Water Purifier Pure

    Rs.2,311.00 Rs.2,033.00
    Save Rs.278.00

  • Goenka dry Iron

    Rs.871.00 Rs.783.00
    Save Rs.88.00

  • Baltra Induction Cooker BIC 112 Impresive

    Rs.4,245.00 Rs.3,735.00
    Save Rs.510.00

  • Baltra Electric Roti Maker BTR-201 Model Name : MAGICOOK

    Rs.3,373.00 Rs.2,968.00
    Save Rs.405.00

  • Baltra Rotimaker BTR-203 Easy Cook

    Rs.3,373.00 Rs.2,965.00
    Save Rs.408.00

  • Baltra Rice Cooker BTD-1000D DREAM DELUXE 1.8 ltr

    Rs.2,842.00 Rs.2,500.00
    Save Rs.342.00

  • Baltra Water Dispenser Miracle Small 420W

    Rs.4,781.00 Rs.4,207.00
    Save Rs.574.00

  • Baltra Steam/Spray Iron - Marina

    Rs.1,461.00 Rs.1,285.00
    Save Rs.176.00

  • Baltra 2 Burner Ruby Gas Stove

    Rs.3,267.00 Rs.2,875.00
    Save Rs.392.00

  • Baltra Cola Bottle Flask 1000 ml

    Rs.1,381.00 Rs.1,215.00
    Save Rs.166.00

  • Samsung RR20M2741R2 192L Single Door Refrigerator - Scarlet Red

    Rs.31,990.00 Rs.26,850.00
    Save Rs.5140.00

  • Samsung RR19N2821UZ 192 L Single Door Refrigerator - (Blue)

    Rs.32,990.00 Rs.27,800.00
    Save Rs.5190.00

  • CG 1.8 Ltr. Supreme Series Rice Cooker CG-RC18N5C

    Rs.2,430.00 Rs.2,187.00
    Save Rs.243.00

  • CG Hot & Normal Water Dispenser CGWD15A02HN

    Rs.2,890.00 Rs.2,601.00
    Save Rs.289.00

  • Goenka Ceiling Fan GE-48"

    Rs.2,301.00 Rs.1,850.00
    Save Rs.451.00

  • Baltra Ceiling Fan Spring (BF 169)

    Rs.3,275.00 Rs.2,882.00
    Save Rs.393.00

  • Nikai NTV3272D9 32 Inch LED TV - Black

    Rs.26,990.00 Rs.20,000.00
    Save Rs.6990.00

  • Nikai NTV3200SLED3 32 Inch HD Smart LED TV

    Rs.31,990.00 Rs.25,500.00
    Save Rs.6490.00

  • CCTV DS-2CE16D0T-IRPF (1080P Bullet)

    Rs.3,075.00 Rs.2,615.00
    Save Rs.460.00

  • CCTV-DS-2CE56DOT-IRPF (1080P Dome)

    Rs.2,800.00 Rs.2,380.00
    Save Rs.420.00

  • Yasuda Refrigerator YVDR170BR Red

    Rs.21,459.00 Rs.19,850.00
    Save Rs.1609.00

  • Yasuda Wall Fan YS-WF555G

    Rs.2,400.00 Rs.2,220.00
    Save Rs.180.00

  • Samsung Galaxy A30 4/64GB

    Rs.25,990.00 Rs.24,890.00
    Save Rs.1100.00

  • Samsung AKG Earphones

    Rs.500.00 Rs.250.00
    Save Rs.250.00


    Rs.22,190.00 Rs.21,080.00
    Save Rs.1110.00

  • Light for home dcoration with vulture head

    Rs.2,850.00 Rs.2,565.00
    Save Rs.285.00

  • Goldstar Sport Shoes For Men- GSG 102 (Grey)

    Rs.900.00 Rs.810.00
    Save Rs.90.00

  • SAMSUNG UA43N5300ARSHE 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV

    Rs.86,990.00 Rs.57,500.00
    Save Rs.29490.00

  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core 1 GB RAM,8/16 GB ROM

    Rs.9,450.00 Rs.9,072.00
    Save Rs.378.00

  • Samsung Galaxy M40 6 GB RAM AND 128 GB ROM

    Rs.36,190.00 Rs.29,990.00
    Save Rs.6200.00


    Rs.650.00 Rs.499.00
    Save Rs.151.00

  • OPPO A7 (4GB RAM/64GB ROM)

    Rs.27,990.00 Rs.26,870.00
    Save Rs.1120.00

  • Oppo A5S 3GB RAM | 32GB ROM

    Rs.19,990.00 Rs.19,190.00
    Save Rs.800.00

  • Redmi 7A - 2/32GB

    Rs.11,999.00 Rs.11,640.00
    Save Rs.359.00

  • USB Water Bottle Pump | Electric Water Dispenser

    Rs.750.00 Rs.495.00
    Save Rs.255.00

  • ProGemei GM-6123 Professional Hair Clippers

    Rs.1,500.00 Rs.750.00
    Save Rs.750.00

  • Xiaomi Redmi Y3 (3/32gb)

    Rs.18,499.00 Rs.17,999.00
    Save Rs.500.00

  • Xiaomi Redmi A3 6/128GB

    Rs.28,999.00 Rs.27,999.00
    Save Rs.1000.00

  • Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter Bat

    Rs.400.00 Rs.300.00
    Save Rs.100.00

  • Madhani

    Rs.3,000.00 Rs.2,645.00
    Save Rs.355.00

  • WT72M3000HP Semi Automatic with Double Storm Pulsator 7.2kg

    Rs.24,990.00 Rs.21,991.00
    Save Rs.2999.00


    Rs.49,990.00 Rs.39,990.00
    Save Rs.10000.00

  • AOC 19 inch IPS Monitor

    Rs.8,500.00 Rs.7,650.00
    Save Rs.850.00

  • Immersion Water Heater/ Rod-1500W

    Rs.305.00 Rs.265.00
    Save Rs.40.00

  • Baltra Deep Freezer 120 Ltr

    Rs.27,975.00 Rs.25,735.00
    Save Rs.2240.00

  • Microtel MCT-1510CID Caller ID Corded Telephone Set

    Rs.950.00 Rs.905.00
    Save Rs.45.00

  • Samsung Galaxy A10s 32GB 2GB RAM

    Rs.16,790.00 Rs.16,285.00
    Save Rs.505.00

  • Pigeon Egnite 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

    Rs.4,570.00 Rs.4,230.00
    Save Rs.340.00

  • Pigeon Mixer Grinder Wonder 400W

    Rs.3,120.00 Rs.2,885.00
    Save Rs.235.00

  • Pigeon Mixer MG Zing 650W

    Rs.4,910.00 Rs.4,540.00
    Save Rs.370.00

  • Pigeon Mixer Grinder Eiffel 550W

    Rs.3,930.00 Rs.3,635.00
    Save Rs.295.00

  • Goldstar Shoes for men (VIBES-2)Blue colour

    Rs.865.00 Rs.750.00
    Save Rs.115.00

  • Multi color Light 100 Led light For Tihar

    Rs.500.00 Rs.250.00
    Save Rs.250.00


    Rs.33,590.00 Rs.33,255.00
    Save Rs.335.00


    Rs.27,990.00 Rs.27,710.00
    Save Rs.280.00

  • Samsung Galaxy A80

    Rs.76,800.00 Rs.64,990.00
    Save Rs.11810.00

  • Samsung Galaxy M20 3/32GB

    Rs.17,190.00 Rs.17,018.00
    Save Rs.172.00


    Rs.147,500.00 Rs.131,275.00
    Save Rs.16225.00

  • 5 In 1 Grater


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