ABOUT EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) || 1st e-Commerce company to provide EMI facility


iPhone 11 is available at 115,000 rupees.

Or pay EMI of RS. 6,390/ month for 18 months + Bank Charge 10% and 0% interest.

EMI is equal monthly Installment .

 Loan with out mortgage.

For this you need to have a credit card.

The Visa domestic credit card provides the credit facility to it user based on the earning of such user. The credit facility is installed in the card in form of credit limit in Nepalese Rupees. Customer should submit list of documents to the bank for credit limit assessment such documents are listed below

For Individual Customers

  1.        Application Form (To be provided by bank)
  2.        Photograph (Single)
  3.        Citizenship Certificate
  4.        Salary Certificate
  5.        Bank Statement (Where the salary has been routed)


For Firm Owners/Self Employed

  1.        Application Form (To be provided by bank)
  2.        Citizenship Certificate of Owner
  3.        Audit Report (Latest Fiscal Year)
  4.        Firm Registration Certificate
  5.        PAN Certificate of Firm  
  6.        Bank Statement (Where Transaction has been done)

Also installment is tied up with the credit limit of the customers. For Example a customer has monthly credit limit of NPR 30,000/- then the EMI must not exceed such limit so EMI in this case must not exceed NPR 30,000/- Hence customer can purchase a product with sales price upto NPR 3,60,000/- if the installment is divided for 12 Months and the same mechanism applies based on EMI period.

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