•Rated Voltage: 230V •Rated Frequency: 50Hz •Rated Wattage: 200 •Warrantee on Product - years: 1 •Max. Motor RPM (With Fan Load): 1400 •Tank Capacity up to over flow (in ltr.): 40 •Tank Capacity up to brim (in ltr.): 43 •Air Delivery Average (m3/hr.) : 3000 •Air Delivery Peak (m3/hr: 4000 •Cooling Area: 600 •Air-Throw distance (ft.) : 50 •Auto Water Level Indicator: Yes •Float Valve: Yes •Over Flow : Yes •Drain Plug: Yes •Number of Speed: 3 •Swing (4 ways deflection): Yes •Neon indicator : Yes •Water inlet : Yes •Ice Chamber: Yes •Fan Blade size: 15" •Cooling Media- Wood Wool/Honeycomb pads: Wood Wool •Remote Control: Yes •Timer: 1-8 Hrs. •Easy removable pads: Yes •Castor Wheels: Yes •Humidity control: No •Night lamp : No •Inverter Compatability: Yes •Roto Grill: N.A •Product dimensions (LxBxH)mm: 570x400x1090 •Carton Dimensions (LxBxH) in mm: 640x490x1110 •Nett. Weight (Kg.) : 16.5 •Gross Weight (Kg.): 19.2
Manufacturer: Bajaj
Delivery date: 3-5 days
23,990.00 (Rs)
22,790.00 (Rs)
excluding shipping


  • Remote Control, Ergonomically Configured Digital Control Panel, and Inbuilt Memory Function
  • Unique iconic design and styling with optional colour trim
  • Special wood wool evaporative pads
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Suitable for dry and arid climates
  • Made of attractive, corrosion-free, engineered thermoplastic material for durable performance
  • Ideal for big halls, banks, offices, and restaurants 


Rated Voltage: 230V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Wattage:200
Warrantee on Product - years:1
Max. Motor RPM (With Fan Load):1400
Tank Capacity up to over flow (in ltr.):-40
Tank Capacity up to brim (in ltr.):-43
Air Delivery Average (m3/hr.) :-3000
Air Delivery Peak (m3/hr.):-4000
Cooling Area:-600
Air-Throw distance (ft.) :-50
Auto Water Level Indicator:-Yes
Float Valve:-Yes
Over Flow :-Yes
Drain Plug:-Yes
Number of Speed:-3
Swing (4 ways deflection):-Yes
Neon indicator:-Yes
Water inlet :-Yes
Ice Chamber:-Yes
Fan Blade size :-15"
Cooling Media- Wood Wool/Honeycomb pads:-Wood Wool
Remote Control:-Yes
Timer:-1-8 Hrs.
Easy removable pads:-Yes
Castor Wheels:-Yes
Humidity control:-No
Night lamp :-No
Inverter Compatability:-Yes
Roto Grill:-N.A
Product dimensions (LxBxH)mm:-570x400x1090
Carton Dimensions (LxBxH) in mm:-640x490x1110
Nett. Weight (Kg.) :-16.5
Gross Weight (Kg.):-19.2