Bambino Macaroni Family Penne - 775 GM (KTM)

Macaroni Penne , are yummy dry pastas made of hard wheat. Macaroni Penne are best to delight your taste buds. Macaronis are even rich in nutritional aspects. Its a delicious and healthy stuffs and specially when it is prepared coupled with healthy ingredients like olive oil, vegetables, beans, fish, or meat.
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Product details ofBambino Macaroni Family  Penne -  775 GM

  • Yummy dry pastas made of hard wheat which give dietary fibre, proteins with delicious taste.
  • Easy and quick to make and good to load your stomach with, specially in the time of breakfast or in the evening snack time.
  • Great source of energy and high in carbohydrates.
  • Rich in nutritional aspects as they can be helpful in maintaining or loosing weight.
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