Baseus Smile vehicle-mounted aroma diffuser

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Product details of Baseus Smile vehicle-mounted aroma diffuser

  • • Model: Smile Vehicle-Mounted Aroma Diffuser
  • • Factory number: SUXUN-WX0S
  • • EAN: 6953156297364
  • • Attached fragrance cartridges: 2x cologne, 1x ocean, 1x citron

Manufacturer: Baseus• Model: Smile Vehicle-Mounted Aroma Diffuser• Factory number: SUXUN-WX0S• EAN: 6953156297364• The new Baseus air freshener provides modern solutions and simple operation, and due to its Nordic design it will blend in well with any place• The device has a possibility to regulate the intensity of odour. To adjust, turn the top of the unit clockwise to ensure a strong fragrance and counter-clockwise to reduce the intensity. The control is simple and effective• Extracts are made directly from plants and contain no alcohol. The machine is available with four scents: lemon, two cologne and marine. Make life more pleasant and relaxing with a pleasant scent• The device has an EU RoHS certificate, which indicates the absence of substances harmful to health. However, plant extracts do not contain any additives, which makes them safe for you and your family• The air freshener is equipped with a built-in magnet which makes the opening and closing process easy and pleasant. Replacing cartridges has never been so easy• With its matt colour and simple Nordic design, the device is able to fit into any place. In addition, the air freshener is small - thanks to which it is also handy and its placement is not a problem - regardless of whether it is a car cockpit, bathroom or living room• Sticking and unsticking does not damage the surface of the car in any way. If the 3M adhesive loses its strength, it can be re-glued to any surface after washing with water. In this way the device can be used for a longer period of time without losing any of its properties• Attached fragrance cartridges: 2x cologne, 1x ocean, 1x citron• Dimensions: 86 x 112 x 91 mm• Weight: 41.9 g