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CMAT Author: Dr. Thaneswor Gautam, Indra Kamal Khanal & Rajendra Adhikari ISBN: 9789937300643 Version: English Published Year 2015
Manufacturer: Buddha publication
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Entrance Test has become a system of all Universities. This Study Guide is especially prepared for BBA, BIM, BHM, BTTM, BBS, BCIS, BBM, MBS, MPA and MBA programmes to select the appropriate candidates for admission. It is a process of selecting relatively better candidates out of many applicants. Therefore, everyone applying for admission to the programmes must appear in the Central/Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) of Dean Office Faculty of Management. These kinds of tests are designed to assess the applicants' academic strength and aptitude; therefore, some planned preparations are required for the candidates to secure high scores in this competitive examination. 
Present guide has been designed as a very simple guideline to orient candidates for admission test of MBS programme. Thus, it covers all possible components of the Entrance Test along with sufficient examples and exercises. These exercises will provide the candidates ample opportunity to practice various components of the Entrance Test.
The Practice Test, Model Tests, and Past Entrance Test Models are presented in this book can cover almost all the required components for the candidates. After attempting these models and questions, candidates can identify their own strength and weakness. This guide also includes self–scoring tables to help students evaluate their results and check their progress. The candidates, thus, can evaluate themselves and concentrate on areas of their weaknesses. 
The admission test patterns of several universities and institutions were consulted while preparing this Study Guide. The sources as GMAT, SAT, CAT and the Entrance Test Models of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University were consulted for general information, test formats and styles of questions framing.
All the users of this material will be benefited not only to prepare entrance test but also to develop their competence. Nevertheless, only this material cannot guarantee the success; it will provide an easy journey for test preparation familiarizing students with the materials they will encounter in the test exam.
Initially, Dean Office, Faculty of Management has prepared some guideline to the candidates of entrance test. Therefore, publisher is very much grateful for the significant contribution of the Faculty of Management officials for providing necessary inventory in this regard. Now, we thank to the editors of this edition who have not only edited but updated the relevant information in this book to cater the need of the students.