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Computer & IT Applications

Computer & IT Applications Author: Er. Shankar N Adhikari ISBN: 9789937302388 Version: English University: Pokhara University
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Now advent of modernization changes the life style of people and the society. Information Technology is the major part that leads the society towards modernization. There are academic and non academic courses and training of information technology offered by the University and training centers. Pokhara University has offered a practical based course on first semester for BBA, BCA and BCIS. There is no standard book that covered whole syllabus of this course. So I have developed this book so that student will get complete course contents and teacher will get basic guideline how to instruct students. I have developed this book with reference to the frame work of old questions asked by Pokhara University.
I have divided this book into ten chapters according to the syllabus provided by the Pokhara University. 
CHAPTER ONE is related to the overview of the evolution of computer, basic concept of computer system, its advantages and limitations , characteristics, business use and technology trends etc..
CHAPTER TWO is related to architecture of computer. It included the basic structure, memory system, input and output devices used on computer, networking system etc.
CHAPTER THREE is related to operating system. It included basic concept of OS, history of OS, types and functions of OS, MSDOS and Windows system etc.
CHAPTER FOUR is related to programming languages. It included basic type of programming language, flowchart and algorithm, program structure and logic etc.
CHAPTER FIVE is related to word processor. I have described the file handling, document formatting, table work, inserting picture and files, OLE, concept of hyperlink, printing and using the document etc.
CHAPTER SIX is related to spreadsheet. I have described the concept of spreadsheet, cell address, workbook and worksheet, some solved example on excel, inserting chart, working with pivot table etc.
CHAPTER SEVEN is related to power point presentation program. I have described basic concept of slide, presentation, applying slide transition, custom animation, designing using with wizards etc.
CHAPTER EIGHT is related to data base management system. I have described the concept of DBMS, use of Ms Access, objects of Access, process to design the table, query, form, reports etc.
CHAPTER NINE is related to email and Internet. I have described the concept of internet, requirement for Internet, business use of Internet and Email etc.
CHAPTER TEN is related to project work. It included the basic concept of PDLC, stages of PDLC, use of computer o support the work and assigns some project work etc.

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