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Digicom Fast Connecter SC/APC

DESCRIPTION: Digicom Fast Connecter SC/APC Brand: Digicom Material: Fast Connecter Model:SC/APC
SKU: FB - Digicom Fast Connecter SC/APC
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Fast connector is a perfect solution for filed working and FTTH connection. It is widely used for where need to quick connection, providing a quick assembly and stable performance. When engineers work in field for installation, maintenance, repair of optical fiber, or FTTH indoor terminate, they can use it easily because it has no epoxy, no polishing.


� One-piece connector or attenuator
� Inside ferrule with fiber stuff and pre-polishing
� Field installable, quick connection, easy for operation
� No epoxy, no polishing, no adhesive, no electricity required
� High performance and high reliability
� Simply and easy fixed fiber or cable
� Cable Tensile complied with Telcordia GR-326-CORE