Digicom Fiber Distribution Box - 8 port

DESCRIPTION: Digicom Fiber Distribution Box - 8 port Brand: Digicom Material: Fiber Distribution Box 8 port
SKU: FB - Digicom Fiber Distribution Box - 8 port
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Applicable in FTTH project
Suitable for indoor, basement, room and building's outer walls application
Used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connector with drop cable
With the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions
Provides solid protection and management for the FTTX network building


� Total enclosed structure, perfect performance
� Industry Standard User Interface, be made of high impact plastic
� Can accommodate 1x8 & 1X16 PLC splitter.
� Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant, and rainfall resistant.
� Up to 24FTTH drops cable
� Wall and pole mountable.
� 1~3 inlet ports, 8~24 outlet ports.
� Easy maintenance and installation