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Export Marketing

Export Marketing Author: Prof. Dr. Shyam Krishna Shrestha ISBN: 9789937301312 Version: English University: Tribhuwan University
Manufacturer: Buddha publication
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For a long time, there has been demand for a book on export marketing subject required for the students of 8th semester of BBA program under the Tribhuvan University’s curriculum, whose specialization area is Marketing. The present book entitled “Export Marketing: In Nepalese Perspective” has been designed to support these students. 
The present book is actually an improved version of my previous book entitled “Export Market Management in Nepal: A Critical Study”, a research-based book published more than a decade earlier. Though this book covers many aspects of the TU’s curriculum on export marketing, several current information and newly introduced concepts were lacking in this book. Therefore, in this new book, effort has been made to make total coverage of the newly introduced curriculum.
The present book has been organized into seven chapters, including Introduction, Policy Framework, Export Procedure and Documentation, Export Structure and Management, Financing and Methods of Payment for Export, Export Marketing Strategies, and Import Structure and Transit Management. 
The first chapter deals with the general concept of export marketing, scope and functions of export marketing, historical development of export marketing, and its role in the country’ economic development.
The second chapter deals with the export-related policies and Acts including free trade and protectionism, commercial policy, industrial policy, foreign exchange policy, industrial enterprise Act, foreign investment and technology transfer Act, incentives for exporters in Nepal, etc.
The third chapter deals with export procedure and documentation including general export procedure, export procedure followed by Nepalese exporters in Nepal, customs procedures for export trade in Nepal, and documents required for the export of products from Nepal to foreign countries.
The fourth chapter deals with export structure and its management in Nepal, including foreign trade structure of Nepal, composition and direction of Nepal’ foreign trade, problems relating to trade and transit of Nepal, and institutional framework for the promotion of Nepal’s export trade. The related export promotion institutions include Trade & Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Chamber of Commerce, and Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN).
The fifth chapter deals with export financing system, especially in the context of Nepal, which includes nature and methods of export financing, export credit and financing in Nepal, and methods of export payment.
The sixth chapter deals with the export marketing strategies under the particular marketing environment, which include basically the export product strategies, export pricing strategies, export channel of distribution strategy and export promotion strategy. 
The last i.e., the seventh chapter deals with the import structure and transit management in the context of Nepal. This chapter includes structure of Nepal’s import trade, import procedure and import documents to be produced during the import of goods from foreign countries, nature of international trade barriers, transit system and transit procedure in Nepal, development of transit infrastructure and facilities in Nepal like dry ports, inland container depot, and multi-modal transportation system, etc.
Almost all the tables presented in Appendix Section are being extracted from FNCCI’s annual journal entitled “Nepal and the World: A Statistical Profile, 2009”. 
I am confident that this book will be extremely useful not only for the concerned students of BBA program, but it will be equally useful for those personnel of organizations, who are being involved in import-export trade in Nepal and abroad for a long time. Similarly, this book will be useful to the researchers, who are interested in conducting research projects in Nepalese trade sector

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