Himstar 38W LED Panel Light (Slim) 2' * 2'

LED Panel Lights Consistent lighting without any glare or flickering Ultra thin slim design, aluminium frame Various installation solutions: Suspended/Surface Mounted/Embedded Sizes: 1'X1', 2'X2', 1'X4' Lifetime upto 35,000 hrs
Manufacturer: Himstar
4,890.00 (Rs)
4,401.00 (Rs)

Him Electronics has always stressed on providing high quality products that would stand as a benchmark for other products in Nepali Market. We are the sole proprietor of the indigenous brand Himstar and we started our consumer electronics sales in 1998 and electrical sales in 2004. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and has never compromised at any given point of time. Our customer culture is strong and has practiced it over the years in our services for better.