Laptop Cooling Pad Adjustable Ergo Stand With Dual USB Port, Fan And Blue LED Light

Main Features • Painless wear, health and safety, intelligent noise reduction, clear call, sweat-proof • Light weight, no movement, lasting battery life, wireless charging function, touch function • Res
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  • Ergonomic Design : Ranz ergo stand offers 5 different height setting for laptop users better viewing angle.
  • Great Compatibility : Two anti - slips props with adjustable width setting design are specially for accommodating from netbook to large size notebook FROM (9 inch - 17 INCH), including wide screen. Easy front I/O port access for all type of Laptop
  • Optimum Cooling Performance : Metal mesh surface with built in 14cm silent fan( without fan frame) performs ultimate thermal solution
  • anz laptop cooling Ergo Stand has low fan noise and with speed from 700 - 1400 RPM (MAX)
  • Value Added Features : USB hub for connecting to various accessories. Two side handles for smart cable management .Rear USB cable clips for easy cable storage