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LG PuriCare™ 360° Air Purifier (AS60GDWVO)

Brand : LG Module :AS60GDWVO
Manufacturer: philips
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360º Purification

Absorbs pollutants from 360º ,
and delivers clean air to everywhere in your house no matter where it is installed.

Clean Booster

Clean Booster rises and rotates to deliver
clean air to all corners.

Cleaning air to the far end of the room

Clean booster delivers filtered clean air to 8m distance.

Filtering 6 major types of pollution

Certified by the Korea Air Cleaning Association in 2016, the 6 step filter eliminating various kinds of dust and 5 kinds of harmful gas (Amononia, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde,
Acetic Acid and Toluene).
**Based on KIMM test , model no.: AS281DAW, experimental substances: 5 major types of harmful gases (ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, toluene and formaldehyde), with an average deodorizing rate up to 95% and above.
A removal rate for 2 major types of harmful gases (toluene, formaldehyde) up to 100%
*KIMM experimental standard, model no.:AS281DAW, test condition:4m, experimental substances:SO2, NO2
*The test results are based on the laboratory conditions; the results may vary in different environments.