Marico Parachute Coconut Oil - 95 ml (KTM)

Parachute is the flagship brand of Marico which consists of edible grade coconut oil. Marico manufactures and markets its coconut based hair oils under its popular brand – Parachute "Advanced" and a series of extensions thereof.
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Product Description 

Parachute is the flagship brand of Marico which consists of edible grade coconut oilMarico manufactures and markets its coconut based hair oils under its popular brand – Parachute "Advanced" and a series of extensions thereof.

Parachute coconut oil is one of the most sold and most consumed coconut oils in the country and it has been on the market for a very long time.

Hair becomes soft, smooth and shiny if used regularly. You can use this oil as skin moisturizer also, as it makes your skin soft, smooth and supple. Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil is a multi purpose oil which can be used for hair, skin and delivers best visible results.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthens hair by penetrating hair strands up to 90% and reducing breakage by 60%
  • Reverses upto 50% internal damage in one use.
  • Protects, moisturises, nourishes and conditions hair strands from within.
  • Grows hair thrice faster in just 1 month.