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Outdoor Camping Electric Stove Insulation Heating Stove Constant Temperature Universal Electric Stove

Descriptions: Instructions 1. A small amount of smoke may be discharged when the electric stove is used for the first time. This is normal. 2. The utensils placed on the electric furnace must be flat and the diameter is the same as the size of the electric heating plate. 3. Please note the size of the bottom of the cooking vessel. Less than the heating plate will affect the heat efficiency. 4. If the bottom of the vessel is not flat, the concave and convex can not be used. 5. Double-head electric furnace’s each burner can be used separately or at the same time. (The third level is recommended for heating) Operational rules: Rotate the electric furnace switch, there are 5 positions to adjust the temperature of the electric furnace. Adjust the switch to the appropriate position to make the electric furnace reach the required temperature. Note that when not in use, please turn the switch to the “0”/“off” position and unplug it. Safety precautions 1. Can not be taken care of when using. 2. Do not touch the surface of the heating plate while heating. 3. Do not immerse the electric stove in water or other liquids. 4. The electric stove is for cooking food. When cooking food, the utensils should be on the heating plate. 5. When using, do not place other debris within 30 cm around the electric furnace to prevent blockage and ventilation.
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