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Baltra Torque 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-210

•Brand: Baltra •Model Type: Torque •Model No.: BVC 210 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W •Pkg.: 4 Pcs/Ctn. Features: •5 Filter System with Cloth Bag •Speed Control On Body •Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch •Automatic Cord Rewinder.
6,747.00 (Rs) 5,937.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 810.00

Baltra Marvel 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-208

•Brand: Baltra •Model Type: Marvel •Model No. : BVC 208 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
6,853.00 (Rs) 6,339.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 514.00

Baltra Clear1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-204

•Brand: Baltra •Product Name: Vacuum Cleaner •Model Name: CLEAR •Model No: BVC-204 •Rating Label: 220V- 50Hz, 1400W •Packaging: 1 Pcs/Ctn. Specification:- •Easy Carrying Handle, Speed Control on body, Hose Swivel 360° Rotation Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch, Automatic Cord Rewinder.
7,703.00 (Rs) 7,010.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 693.00

Baltra Clear 1400W Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand: Baltra •Product Type: Vacuum Cleaner •Easy Carrying Handle, Speed Control On Body, Hose Swivel 360 Deg Rotation, Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch, Automatic Cord Rewinder. •Model Type: Clear •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W
7,703.00 (Rs) 7,125.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 578.00


•BRAND/MODEL NO.: Blatra/BVC 209 •MODEL : Cruze •POWER REQUIREMENT: 220-240V (50Hz) •POWER CONSUMPTION: 1600 W •INDICATORS: Yes •HOSE: Hose Swivel 360 Deg Rotation •OTHER BODY FEATURES: Speed Control on Body
8,022.00 (Rs) 7,420.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 602.00

Baltra Tide 1600W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-205

•Brand: Baltra •Model: Tide •Model No.: BVC 205 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power:1600W •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn. •Easy Carrying Handle •Speed Control on Body •Hose Swivel 360 degree Rotation •Full Bag Indicator •Full Bag Indicator •Automatic Cord Reqinder
9,509.00 (Rs) 8,795.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 714.00

Baltra Force 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-212

•Brand: Baltra •Model: Force •Model No.: BVC 212 •Power: 1400 WATT •Eco & silent design •Speed control on body •Automatic cord rewinder •Transparent dust cup •High efficiency floor brush •Soft wheel •Protect floor •Air inlet hepa filter •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
9,536.00 (Rs) 8,820.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 716.00

Baltra Cyclone 1800W Vacuum Cleaner

High-Efficiency Floor Brush Soft Wheel Protect Floor Air Inlet Hepa Filter 220V-50hz 1800W
10,492.00 (Rs) 9,705.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 787.00

Baltra Turbo Plus 2000w Vacuum Cleaner BVC-206

•Brand: Baltra •Model:Turbo Plus •Model No.: BVC 206 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 2000W •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn. •Easy Carrying Handle •Speed Control On Body •Hose Swivel 360 Deg Rotation •Full Bag Indicator •Pedal On/Off Switch •Automatic Cord Rewinder
10,572.00 (Rs) 9,780.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 792.00