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Baltra Water Dispenser WOW - BWD-118

KEY FEATURES Brand: Baltra Product name: Water Dispenser Model: WOW Model number: BWD-118 Power: 420W
3,320.00 (Rs) 3,072.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 248.00

Baltra Lujo Water Dispenser

Brand Model BWD-127 Voltage 220V-50Hz Power 550W
3,453.00 (Rs) 3,195.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 258.00

Baltra Water Dispenser Miracle Small 420W

Brand Miracle Small 420W
4,781.00 (Rs) 4,422.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 359.00

Baltra Water Dispenser Majesty 420W

Majesty 420W
6,800.00 (Rs) 6,290.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 510.00

Baltra BWD-110 Fresh Standing Water Dispenser

Brand Cooling capacity 2L per hour, less than 10º Hot and normal heating capacity Less Wastage of Water, easy to use
7,384.00 (Rs) 6,830.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 554.00

Baltra BWD 112 Miracle (Water Dispenser)

General Brand Baltra Model Name Miracle bwd-112 Modes Hot & Normal Other Features Hot & Normal Heating Capacity Capacity 5 L/H more than 90°C Type Standing Power (Watt) 420 Warranty Warranty 1 years
7,969.00 (Rs) 7,370.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 599.00

Baltra Water Dispenser Jollify

Hot & Normal Heating Capacity, Made by ABS material
9,031.00 (Rs) 8,354.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 677.00

Baltra BWD 116 Belly Water Dispenser

DETAILS Brand: Baltra Model Type: Belly Model No: BWD 116 Hot and normal heating capacity Weight (kg): 7.5 Display Size (inches): 0.0 CPU Speed (GHz): 0.00 Optical Zoom: 0.0 Megapixels: 0.0 Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
10,094.00 (Rs) 9,336.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 758.00

Baltra BWD 103 Delight Water Dispenser

DETAILS Product Name: Water Dispenser Model Name: DELIGHT Model No: BWD-103 Specification: Hot & Cold, Electronic Cooling, Cooling Capacity: 1L/H less than 15°, Heating Capacity: 5L/H more than 90°, Cabinet for Storage. Rating Label: 220V- 50 Hz, 100-420W Packaging: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
10,678.00 (Rs) 9,878.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 800.00

Baltra Water Dispensers FRESH BWD110

Baltra Water Dispensers FRESH BWD110: A water dispenser is a machine that dispenses drinking water, especially in an office. It contain Hot & Cold, Compressor Cooling, Cooling Capacity: 2L/H less than 10º, Heating Capacity: 5L/h more than 90º cabinet with Chill Cooling.
14,344.00 (Rs) 13,270.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1074.00

Baltra BWD 113 Stir(Table Top) Water Dispenser

KEY FEATURES Brand: Baltra Model No: BWD 113 Hot and normal heating capacity Capacity 5 l More than 90 degree C Made by ABS material SPECIFICATIONS Model: BWD 113 Weight (kg): 5 Display Size (inches): 0.0 CPU Speed (GHz): 0.00 Optical Zoom: 0.0 Megapixels: 0.0 Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
3,267.00 (Rs) 30,220.00 (Rs)