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DepiTime+ Plus Hair Removal

Product Description A handy hair removal device that removes unwanted hair without pain or irritation Depitime Plus is easy to use, safe and after regular use, makes hair thinner and less visible. The Depitime Plus Hair Remover offers easy, safe, and virtually sensation free hair removal. Depitime Plus Heated Hair Remove is produced by a Japanese Cosmetic brand which uses advanced heated line technology The Depitime Plus Hair Remover may help to give you silky smooth skin for longer, without the mess and pain of waxing, and shaving, or the costs of salon treatment. Depitime Plus uses a Ceramic Carbonization Instrument (commonly referred to as the cutting head) that removes hair and may help to slow down its re-growth, helping to keep you smoother for longer. The Depitime Plus Hair Remover can be used on face, legs, bikini line and more.
Rs. 9000.00