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CG Refrigerator CGS6013BG/ BL 60 ltr.

Type Single Door Capacity 60ltr Warranty: 1 Year
16,290.00 (Rs) 15,475.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 815.00

CG Refrigerator CG-S1023BG (100Ltr)

Type Single Door Capacity 100Ltr
18,690.00 (Rs) 17,421.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1269.00

CG Refrigerator CGS180BR/SG | 170 Ltr

Painted Door Super Quick Ice LVS: 160 V External Handle Adjustable Wire Shelves Opaque FreezerTray Opaque Vegitable Tray
22,990.00 (Rs) 20,691.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2299.00

CG Refrigerator CG-S200PG\PB (200Ltr)

Type single Door Capacity 200Ltr
30,590.00 (Rs) 28,542.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2048.00

CG Refrigerator 190 Ltrs CGS2021PBD

Painted Door Super Quick ICE LVS: 160V External Handle Adjustable Wire Shelves Opaque Freezer Tray Opaque Vegetable Tray
30,790.00 (Rs) 29,250.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1540.00

CG Chest Freezer 160 Ltrs CGDF1603H

Clean Back 2 Basket Inside body Aluminum Gross Weight 34 Kg Product Dimension (mm) 754*524*845 Free Apron
31,790.00 (Rs) 30,200.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1590.00

CG Refrigerator 240 Ltr CGS240HPBS

One Hour ICE Making 135 LVS Floral Finish 5 Star Rating Adjustable Wire Shelves Transparent Chiller Transparent Vegetable Box
32,890.00 (Rs) 31,245.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1645.00

CG Chest Freezer 210 Ltrs CGDF2103HS

CFC Free Energy Saving Low Noise Electrical Shock Protection Inside Body Aluminium With Painted Gross Weight: 41 Kg Product Dimension: 860*540*826 Free Apron
37,890.00 (Rs) 35,995.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1895.00

CG - 230 Ltr. Refrigerator CGD250PM

Glass Door 4D Quick Freezing Big Freezer Compartment Twist lce Tray Frost Free
42,990.00 (Rs) 40,840.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2150.00

CG Chest Freezer 330 Ltrs CGDF3303H

Clean Back 2 Basket Inside Body Aluminum Gross Weight 50kg Free Apron
48,090.00 (Rs) 45,685.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2405.00

CG Chest Freezer 330 Ltrs CGDF3303FG

Clean Back 2 Basket Gross Weight 50 Kg Free Apron
50,090.00 (Rs) 47,585.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2505.00

CG Chest Freezer 250 Ltrs CGCF2503CG

Clean Back 2 Basket Gross Weight 63 Kg Free Apron
53,090.00 (Rs) 50,435.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2655.00

CG Chest Freezer 550 Ltrs CGDF5503HD

Clean Back 3 Basket Gross Weight 78 Kg Free Apron
72,690.00 (Rs) 69,055.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 3635.00

CG Chest Freezer 760 Ltrs CGDF7603HD

Powerful Compressor Energy Saving Fast Cooling Glass Top CFC Free Free Apron
91,690.00 (Rs) 87,105.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 4585.00