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-5% Picture of Ahuja Microphone AUD-54

Ahuja Microphone AUD-54

A basic economy microphone for Karaoke and PA applications. Supplied with 3 mtrs. dedicated shielded cable with Ø6.3 mm (1/4”)phone plug.
Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 950.00

Save Rs. 50.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Microphone Compressor MC-110

Ahuja Microphone Compressor MC-110

Rs. 1900.00 Rs. 1805.00

Save Rs. 95.00

-5% Picture of AHUJA Microphones UTP-30

AHUJA Microphones UTP-30

Miniature unidirectional electret condenser lavalier type microphone for lectures, interviews, religious places, recordings etc. A strong, fixed tie-clip prevents the microphone from being displaced accidentally. Also a neck-band is supplied if the tie-clip is not to be used. The cell container is provided to accommodate a single pencil cell. The cable length is 6.0 mtrs.
Rs. 2100.00 Rs. 1995.00

Save Rs. 105.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Microphones   AUD-99MS

Ahuja Microphones AUD-99MS

Rs. 2200.00 Rs. 2090.00

Save Rs. 110.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Microphone AUD-101XLR

Ahuja Microphone AUD-101XLR

Rs. 3700.00 Rs. 3515.00

Save Rs. 185.00



Professional high quality PA Gooseneck Microphone are suitable for various PA applications such as on Lecterns and Podiums, Open Conferences etc. The sleek and slender design makes the microphones unobtrusive.
Rs. 4200.00 Rs. 3990.00

Save Rs. 210.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-490Vl

Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-490Vl

Compact, lightweight, Single Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System. Operates at Quartz Crystal Locked VHF High Band frequency and available in 8 different frequencies. Internal Antenna in the Microphone and a telescopic Antenna in the Receiver for clear and distortion free reception. Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC Adaptor supplied along with the system. The microphone operates with a 9V Dry Battery. Microphone with 3-position slide switch for 'Audio On'-'Audio Mute'- 'Off' positions. Audio output from receiver available at OUT jack socket.
Rs. 5100.00 Rs. 4845.00

Save Rs. 255.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-520VL

Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-520VL

Ahuja introduces a compact & reliable single channel VHF Wireless Microphone AWM-520VL. It features a tie-clip microphone with a VHF high band body-pack transmitter and a sensitive noise squelch receiver. Elegant and affordable single channel VHF wireless microphone available in six different frequencies. Electrect condenser unidirectional microphone. Transmitter has an on ON/OFF switch and a LED for ON indication. Stylish table-top receiver with a telescopic antenna & noise squelch circuitry. Power ON/OFF switch and output volume control on the front panel. 1/4" (6.3mm) phone jack for audio output on the rear panel of the receiver. Microphone operates with 1×9V battery. Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC adaptor, supplied along with the microphone.
Rs. 6000.00 Rs. 5700.00

Save Rs. 300.00

-5% Picture of AHUJA MICROPHONE KDM-900


Spectacular in appearance and rugged in construction, this dynamic mic is specially designed for use with kickdrums, bass drums and other percussion instruments. Integrated shock mount and large back volume give a specially tailored response, and allow the mic to give distortion – free response even at high sound pressure levels.
Rs. 6000.00 Rs. 5700.00

Save Rs. 300.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-490VHL

Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-490VHL

Compact, lightweight, Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System available in 5 different frequency groups. Combination of a hand-held dynamic microphone & a tie-clip condenser microphone for a wide variety of applications. Internal Antenna in the Microphone and two telescopic Antennas in the Receiver for clear and distortion free reception. Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC Adaptor supplied along with the system. Each microphone operates with a 9V Dry Battery. Microphone with 3-position slide switch for ‘Audio On/Mute/Off’. Audio output from receiver available at OUT 1 & OUT 2 individually and as mixed output at OUT 1 + 2.
Rs. 7900.00 Rs. 7505.00

Save Rs. 395.00

-5% Picture of HIMSTAR  PORTABLE  SPEAKER -F23 15"


15”, Built in MP3 Encoding supporting rechargeable battery and wheel option wireless microphone Bluetooth FM radio
Rs. 19690.00 Rs. 18705.00

Save Rs. 985.00



A state of the art UHF wireless microphone system AWM-900UH comprises of a handheld dynamic transmitter and a diversity receiver. This technologically advanced and aesthetically superior wireless mic provides 100 selectable frequencies in the UHF band, with infra-red channel synchronisation between the transmitter and receiver. Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit and active switching diversity control ensure good operating range and low noise.100 Selectable Frequencies.Infrared Channel Synchronization between Receiver and Transmitter.PLL Synthesized Design.Smart Switching Diversity Control.Adjustable Audio Output.
Rs. 23000.00 Rs. 21850.00

Save Rs. 1150.00

-5% Picture of Ahuja Microphones APM 202CU

Ahuja Microphones APM 202CU

Rs. 26000.00 Rs. 24700.00

Save Rs. 1300.00

-5% Picture of AHUJA MICROPHONE CWM-400V


CWM-400V consists of a high band VHF wireless receiver and 4 nos. wireless table-top gooseneck microphones. The gooseneck microphones can be kept on a podium, or spread out across a conference table, some distance away from the Receiver. Wireless link between the gooseneck microphones and the Receiver allows fast and easy installation, and immense flexibility in shifting the position of the microphones as per requirement. It is ideal for conferences and assemblies, as well as for a variety of announcement & other PA applications. Up to 8 microphones of different frequencies can be used (with 2 Receivers). A backup facility exists of connecting the microphones directly to an amplifier with suitable additional cables in case wireless operation is not desired under some circumstances. The CWM-400V system is elegantly designed, with a slim 4 Channel Receiver and compact, lightweight microphones. The system is designed for rugged, professional use, and is optimally tailored for very clear, intelligible sound.
Rs. 30000.00 Rs. 28500.00

Save Rs. 1500.00