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Sansui Rice Cooker – 2.5 Ltrs SS-RC-J25

Brand: Sansui •Model: SS-RC-J25 •Color: Orange •Capacity: 2.5 Ltr •Weight : 2 Kg
2,170.00 (Rs) 2,008.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 162.00

Sansui Rice Cooker 1.8 Litre SS-RC-D18

Brand: Sansui Model: SS-RC-D18 Power: 700W Capacity: 1.8L
2,200.00 (Rs) 2,035.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 165.00

Sansui SSRC-J28 2.8 Ltr Automatic Cooking Rice Cooker

Brand: Sansui Model: SSRC-J28 Color: There are three color variants. The shipped product may not necessarily be orange. However all three colors are glossy and looks brilliant. Capacity: 2.5 Ltr 220V, 1000W, 50Hz
2,380.00 (Rs) 2,200.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 180.00

Sansui Vaccum Cleaner (SS-VC06M86)

Brand: Sansui 600 W Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Function Suction Power: 100 W Compact Design
2,640.00 (Rs) 2,442.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 198.00

Sansui SS-VC16M37 1600 W Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Sansui Brand: Sansui Model:SS-VC16M37 Color: Blue
6,630.00 (Rs) 6,135.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 495.00

Sansui SS-VC18M11 330W Vaccum Cleaner - Metallic Red

Brand: Sansui Model: SS-VC18M11 Color: Metallic Red 330W Power
7,620.00 (Rs) 7,050.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 570.00

Sansui Vaccum Cleaner (SS-VC22M15)

Brand: Sansui Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner 18V, 2200mA Suction Power: 80 W Single Cyclone System Motorized Brush
8,330.00 (Rs) 7,706.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 624.00

Sansui Single Door Refrigerator 60 Ltr (SPD60Sm)

Brand: Sansui Capacity: 60 Ltrs Color: Silver Net Dimensions(W*D*H mm): 439*470*510 Tropical Climate Compressor
13,889.00 (Rs) 13,055.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 834.00

Sansui TV 24C800 Black 24"

DESCRIPTION Model no: 24C800 24Inch Normal LED TV Full HD, 1920x1080 display
16,999.00 (Rs) 15,725.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1274.00

Sansui TV 24C800_EX 24"

DESCRIPTION Brand Sansui Model 24C800_EX Connectivity HDMI USB Headphone
16,999.00 (Rs) 15,725.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1274.00

Sansui Television 24C803 LED 24"

DESCRIPTION FEATURES Screen Size : 24″ Screen Technology : LED Screen Resolution : 720PCONNECTIVITY HDMI Ports : 1 USB Ports : 1
16,999.00 (Rs) 15,725.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1274.00

Sensei Washing Machine 7.0 KG SWM7S01

19,890.00 (Rs) 17,901.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1989.00

Sansui Washing Machine SS-MSA7P-Blue Semi Automaic

Brand: Sansui Twin Tub: 7 KG White body Grey Lid : Spin-Dry Function Warranty: 1 year Brand: Sansui Model :SS-MSA7P_Blue Washing Machine 7KG Semi-Automatic, Red, Air Dry
21,129.00 (Rs) 19,544.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1585.00

Sansui Washing Machine 7KG Semi Automatic,Red SS-MSA7P

Brand:Sansui Product Code:SS-MSA7P - RED
21,129.00 (Rs) 19,544.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1585.00


Brand: Sansui Color: Burgundy Red Capacity: 170 Liter Energetic Freezer Powerful Compressor Stabilizer Free Operation
21,199.00 (Rs) 19,609.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1590.00

Sensei Washing Machine 8.0 KG SWM8S01

Brand:Sansei Model: SWM8S01 QUICK OVERVIEW 2 Wash Program Plastic Body Wash Windows Lint Fliter Low Noise Motor Transparent Lid
22,590.00 (Rs) 20,331.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 2259.00

Sansui 190L SD Painted Burgundy Red Refrigerator (SC201EBR-FDK)

Model no: SC201EBR-FDK Capacity: 190 Liters Type: Single Door Color: Red Toughened Glass: No
21,789.00 (Rs) 20,480.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1309.00


Brand Sansui Capacity 150 ltr Model Name SPD150DDR Type Double Door Features Top-Mount Defrost
22,979.00 (Rs) 21,600.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 1379.00