Savory Peanut butter (sugerfree) - 340g

Savory Peanut butter (sugerfree) - 340g natural, healthy and simply delicious.
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Product Description

  • contains 100% peanuts and only the freshest and the best peanuts are roasted to make this delicious tub of peanut butter.
  • contains 0% cholesterol, no trans-fats, or hydrogenated fats
  • It’s an all-natural, organic and vegan product
  • Keeps you satiated for long during the day, restricts hunger pangs and offers instant energy post workouts and exercise sessions.
  • It’s a rich source of Proteins, Vitamin E, and Dietary Fibre. An oily residue is normal on top of your unused can. It only indicates your product's purity. To regain texture, simply mix and stir well.