Share Market Analysis By Rabindra Bhattarai

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  • Share Bata Crorepati
  • This book is written in Nepali by renowned writer Rabindra Bhattarai. This book helps you to gain knowledge of stock terms and how the Nepali stock market works. The thing I love about this book is the use of simple language. Anyone can understand it and also the writer has included examples in the book which makes it much easier for the readers to understand it. You can understand Nepali terms and their meaning through this book which helps in the stock market.
  • Share Mantra
  • सेयर बजारमा भएका भ्रम चिर्न, लगानीप्रति सर्वसाधारणलाई प्रेरित गर्न, राम्रो प्रतिफलका लागि सेयर छनौट गर्न तथा पोर्टफोलियो बनाउने रणनीति सिकाउने मन्त्रहरु प्रदान गर्नेछ ।
  • Nepal ko share Bazar
  • This book on Share and stock market in Nepal, by the stock market analyst Rabindra Bhattarai, highlights the share market of Nepal, type of company in Nepal, investment, trading, speculation and gambling, information and sources in stock market,securities and securities market, broker selection, central depository system, market maker, share allotment procedure secondary market, privatization act and stock market, bank and financial institution act and securities market and also about the ways of minimizing loss in investment. This book is helpful and a good guide to the people who is interested in the share market in Nepal