Konke Smoke Detector ZIGBEE (CN)

Smoke Detector ZIGBEE Low voltage alarm : 2.7V + 0.1V
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Smoke  Detector ZIGBEE 

Item no : KK-SA-H01

*Smoke detection - Through the theory of advanced optical sensing principle , detecting whether there is smoke  in monitoring area and avoid fire disaster.

*Long battery life - low consumption ,the battery life can last 10  yeard. 

*Scene linkage - Can be used as a trigger condition to link other devices, such as air switch , alarm bell  etc.

*Test / mute - Press the test/ mute button on the detector, to make sure the device is working normally.

*Remote alarm - When the smoke concentration in the area over the preset alarm concentration, the device  immediately emits an audible and visual alarm and send message to mobile app.

* Low voltage alarm - When the battery voltage is too low, the detector will send out the wireless alarm signal to  gateway to remind the user to replace the battery in time.

*Fault alarm-When there is fault on the detector , the detector immediately emits an audible and visual alarm  and send message to mobile app.