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Sansui Vaccum Cleaner (SS-VC06M86)

Brand: Sansui 600 W Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Function Suction Power: 100 W Compact Design
2,640.00 (Rs) 2,442.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 198.00


•Brand: HIMSTAR •Model: HS-502
4,490.00 (Rs) 4,041.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 449.00


•Brand: Himstar •Bag type model •Power : 1400 W •Power: 220V~50Hz •Dust Full Indicator •Automatic cord rewinder 5m •Light weight and compact design •Low Noise Design •Telescope metal tube •Warranty: 1 yr
4,990.00 (Rs) 4,491.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 499.00

Baltra BVC-201 220V Typhoon Vacuum Cleaner, 1000W

Voltage 230V~50Hz Condition New Model Name TYPHOON Power 1000W Brand Baltra
5,100.00 (Rs) 4,718.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 382.00

Sensei Vacuum Cleaner 1600 W SVC16AB01

Model: SVC16AB01 Brand: Sensei
5,390.00 (Rs) 4,851.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 539.00

Sensei Vacuum Cleaner 1800 W SVC18A01

Model: SVC18A01 Brand: Sensei
6,390.00 (Rs) 5,751.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 639.00

Himstar Vacuum Cleaner-828

•Brand: Himstar •Power: 1800 Watt •Powerful suction •Automatic Cord Rewinder •Hose swivel 360 degree rotation •Airflow control on handle
6,490.00 (Rs) 5,841.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 649.00

Sansui SS-VC16M37 1600 W Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Sansui Brand: Sansui Model:SS-VC16M37 Color: Blue
6,630.00 (Rs) 6,135.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 495.00

Baltra Torque 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-210

•Brand: Baltra •Model Type: Torque •Model No.: BVC 210 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W •Pkg.: 4 Pcs/Ctn. Features: •5 Filter System with Cloth Bag •Speed Control On Body •Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch •Automatic Cord Rewinder.
6,747.00 (Rs) 6,240.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 507.00

Homeglory HG-704VC 1400W Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand: Homeglory •Model: HG-704VC •Metal Telescope Tube •Metal Brush Speed control on body •Full Bag Indicator •Pedal On/Off Switch •Automatic Cord Re-winder Hose Swivel •360 degree rotation •Accessories compartment •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400Watt
7,000.00 (Rs) 6,300.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 700.00

Baltra Marvel 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-208

•Brand: Baltra •Model Type: Marvel •Model No. : BVC 208 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
6,853.00 (Rs) 6,339.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 514.00

CG VC14F01 1400W Bag Type Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand Name: CG •Model No.: CG-VC14F01 •Dust Indicator : Yes •Dust Bag Capacity (Ltr.): 1.5 L •Weight (kg): 5 •5 Stage Filter •Metal Telescopic Tube •Overheat Protection •Speed Control •Dust Full Indicator •5 Meter Supply Cord
6,690.00 (Rs) 6,355.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 335.00

Nikai NVC2302 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

BrandNikai Energy consumption1400 Watts Package weight in KGs4080 grams Tank Capacity2 liters
6,695.00 (Rs) 6,390.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 305.00

Samsung VCC4170S37 Vacuum Cleaner 1800 Watt

•Brand: SAMSUNG •Model No: VCC4170S37 •Type: Vacuum Cleaner (Bag Type) •POWER CONSUMPTION: 1800W (Max) •Collection: Bag •Auto Cord Rewinder •Pre-Motor •Filter Check Electronic •Power Pet Plus •User Manual
7,390.00 (Rs) 6,651.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 739.00


•Brand: Himstar •Model: HS-827
7,490.00 (Rs) 6,741.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 749.00


Description Brand: Nikai Model: NVC2305 Power: 2000w SMS Cloth Bag
7,350.00 (Rs) 6,983.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 367.00

Baltra Clear1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-204

•Brand: Baltra •Product Name: Vacuum Cleaner •Model Name: CLEAR •Model No: BVC-204 •Rating Label: 220V- 50Hz, 1400W •Packaging: 1 Pcs/Ctn. Specification:- •Easy Carrying Handle, Speed Control on body, Hose Swivel 360° Rotation Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch, Automatic Cord Rewinder.
7,703.00 (Rs) 7,010.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 693.00

Sansui SS-VC18M11 330W Vaccum Cleaner - Metallic Red

Brand: Sansui Model: SS-VC18M11 Color: Metallic Red 330W Power
7,620.00 (Rs) 7,050.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 570.00

Baltra Clear 1400W Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand: Baltra •Product Type: Vacuum Cleaner •Easy Carrying Handle, Speed Control On Body, Hose Swivel 360 Deg Rotation, Full Bag Indicator, Pedal On/Off Switch, Automatic Cord Rewinder. •Model Type: Clear •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power: 1400W
7,703.00 (Rs) 7,125.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 578.00

CG VC16KB01 1600W Bagless Type Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand: CG •Model No: CG-VC16KB01 •Bag: No •Suction power: 280 W •Power: 1600W •HEPA Filter: Yes •Dust Indicator: Yes •Power Supply: 220-240V AC 50 Hz
7,790.00 (Rs) 7,400.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 390.00

Homeglory Vaccum Cleaner HG-705VC

Powerful air suction360 degree rotary tube for easy managementFoot push whitch and automatic wire rollong buttonFull Bag IndicatorEasy to use
8,000.00 (Rs) 7,400.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 600.00


•BRAND/MODEL NO.: Blatra/BVC 209 •MODEL : Cruze •POWER REQUIREMENT: 220-240V (50Hz) •POWER CONSUMPTION: 1600 W •INDICATORS: Yes •HOSE: Hose Swivel 360 Deg Rotation •OTHER BODY FEATURES: Speed Control on Body
8,022.00 (Rs) 7,420.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 602.00

Sansui Vaccum Cleaner (SS-VC22M15)

Brand: Sansui Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner 18V, 2200mA Suction Power: 80 W Single Cyclone System Motorized Brush
8,330.00 (Rs) 7,706.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 624.00

CG VC18D01 1800 Watt Bag Type Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand: CG •Model: CG-VC18D01 •Color: Blue •2.5 Ltr Bag Capacity •300W Suction Power •Weight (kg): 3 •Metallic Finish / Hepa Filter •Dust Full Indicator / Speed Control •5 Stage Filter •Overheat Protection •5 Meter Supply Cord
8,290.00 (Rs) 7,875.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 415.00


•Brand: HIMSTAR •Model: HS-703 •Dust-bag Full Indicator •Auto Cord Reel •Synthetic Dust Bag •Reusable Textile Bag •Engine Power : 2000W
8,990.00 (Rs) 8,091.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 899.00


•Brand: Homeglory •Model: HG-701 VC •Rating Label: 1600 WT •Packaging/Ctn.: 1 PCS •Type: Vacuum Cleaner
8,800.00 (Rs) 8,140.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 660.00

Baltra Tide 1600W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-205

•Brand: Baltra •Model: Tide •Model No.: BVC 205 •Voltage: 220V-50Hz •Power:1600W •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn. •Easy Carrying Handle •Speed Control on Body •Hose Swivel 360 degree Rotation •Full Bag Indicator •Full Bag Indicator •Automatic Cord Reqinder
9,509.00 (Rs) 8,795.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 714.00

Baltra Force 1400W Vacuum Cleaner BVC-212

•Brand: Baltra •Model: Force •Model No.: BVC 212 •Power: 1400 WATT •Eco & silent design •Speed control on body •Automatic cord rewinder •Transparent dust cup •High efficiency floor brush •Soft wheel •Protect floor •Air inlet hepa filter •Pkg.: 1 Pcs/Ctn.
9,536.00 (Rs) 8,820.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 716.00

CG VC22E01 2200 Watt Bag Type Vacuum Cleaner

•Brand/Model: CG VC22E01 •Bag: Yes •Maximum Power: 2200 Watt •High Suction Power, Hepa Filter, Dust Full Indicator, Speed Control •5 Stage Filter, Metal Telescopic Tube, 5 Meter Supply Cord •Power Supply: 220-240V AC 50 Hz •1 Year Service Warranty
9,290.00 (Rs) 8,825.00 (Rs)

Save Rs. 465.00

Philips FC8083/01 Vacuum Cleaner

Usability Action radius 7 m Cord length 4.5 m Tube type Plastic 2-P tube Carrying handle Top Dust full indicator Yes Tube coupling Conical Wheel type Plastic Power control Knob on caniste Sustainability Packaging > 90% recycled materials User manual100% recycled paper Design Color Bright Green Filtration Dust capacity 1.5 L Exhaust filter Foam filter Motor filter Microfilter
8,995.00 (Rs)